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Vitalitas Zahnimplantate - Bleaching, Veneers und mehr
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Private Vitalitas Our private clinic has an international expert network of specialists in various locations in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. By brand:

Vitalitas Top Quality Circle - Leading Skills and Services

You can rely on experience, competence and quality. Human contact and an excellent all-round assistance in the fields of esthetic dentistry, implantology, periodontics at all our locations you expect. You can experience the pleasant feeling after a treatment, eating again and carefree laughter. Sign up today for Vitalitas in the most agreeable way for you. We are here for you - in Neustadt and all our partners. Vitalitas private - always a good feeling.

Dental Implants
Esthetic dental treatment

Beautiful teeth much easier to smile, beautiful teeth beside it is a synonym for life, health, well being and success. Lost teeth can have trouble eating and speaking. That need not be.

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The areas of Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology and Periodontology have increased substantially over the last few years. In particular, there are new procedures for building and replacement of autologous bone.
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Esthetic dental treatment

Correction of deformities and dental defects

Veneers are ceramic veneers that are used primarily for cosmetic changes in the anterior region.

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Oral Surgery
The term oral surgery, we understand a wide range of dental-surgical measures which are an outpatient basis in our affiliated dental clinic.
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In Germany, more teeth due to periodontal disease (periodontitis lost) than through tooth decay. The periodontal disease is a disease caused by bacteria. In the early stages identified by inflammation of the gums, it begins to redden, is sensitive and bleeds easily.
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Esthetic dental treatment

Bleaching - smile with white teeth like the stars

For many people, the natural tooth color but not white, but rather ivory to yellowish or greyish has a stitch on. The causes may be in addition to the natural aging process and the assessment, for example pigments deposited in the tooth. Especially root-discolored teeth often dark with time.

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Anesthetic Treatment
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Dental fear - Anesthetic Treatment

Dentist - fear: these are two concepts that are closely associated with many another. We offer dental treatment measures also under outpatient general anesthesia. General anesthesia may be useful medically indicated and, if possible by a local anesthetic pain control is not sufficient. Even if patients have a very strong fear of surgery and the stress are not equal, an anesthetic may be helpful.

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Oral-health program by professional tooth cleaning

Good oral hygiene, regular dental visits and other professional tooth cleaning measures are effective means to prevent dental problems or bad breath. Because prevention is better than repair. But is not the home oral hygiene sufficient to lifelong dental health garantieren.Wir to recommend for the prevention and treatment than cure, even after taking part in our special oral health program.

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